Disaster Recovery Solutions

Our disaster recovery solutions help our clients understand their current infrastructure and best prepare for situations outside of their control. By having not only a solid backup plan in place but a solution that minimizes downtime and provides a speedy recovery our clients are ready to get back on track. At All Bits Tech, we work with our clients to put together a strategy that works for their business and utilizes any pre-existing technologies.

disaster recovery solutions

Plan for internet outage, data loss, and disaster.

backup solutions

Backup Plan

Are you backing up your data? Make sure you have a cloud backup as well as an onsite one to ensure your data is safe. Our cloud backup solution features full server, granular file and folder, database, and email backups. It includes encryption and data deduplication. We proactively monitor and test backups to make sure there are no issues.

Data recovery


Virtualizing your network allows higher availability. You don't have to worry about your servers going down if you lose internet or power in your office. Work from anywhere with this option, scale it up and move it to a region of your choice. Take your database, email, storage, server, or desktop to the cloud with this option.

Failover Internet solutions

Failover Internet

Did you know you could have a secondary internet line? As long as your location allows you can have a backup line from a competing provider. You can also have a 4G/LTE hotspot for a backup connection if your business requires it. With the proper hardware, All Bits Tech and setup a seamless failover solution. Reach out for more information.

data recovery solutions

Recovery Plan

Plan your recovery with All Bits Tech. After our analysis, we review the best recovery plan using your infrastructure and resources. Go beyond a simply backup and make sure you have the proper plan in place to mitigate any potential problems and reduce down time as much as possible. A plan ensures your business comes back online smoothly.

Transparent IT solutions and services

We focus on your technology so you can focus on your business. Are you spending too much time fixing your IT issues? Does it seem like a never-ending battle to get your technology right? All Bits Tech is the trusted and reliable IT partner for you.

We offer customizable IT solutions and services that fit your needs now and scale with your company. Book your free assessment now.